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Frequently Asked Questions


1. And how about Blockchain
Well there you are, the next best hype. Make it cyber, make it smart. But it's nothing more than a crypto-clever storage mechanism. It's an alternative for other databases and storage solutions. It requires a network connection. Just like all other online storage and transactions systems. But it's just plain and painfully slow compared to other online distributed databases. The only bonus is built-in integrity of the data. But you will lose confidentiality of these same data. So there is really no excuse to use it.


2. Are you all alone?
No way... most security professionals agree on the opinion that Cyber is misused. And we are united in the network of cyberkeurmerk,nl, a non-community of Cyberxperts. We love those people :)
3. Cyber? What is Cyber?
Cyber is the hype of hypes, show me a cyber and I'll show you a hype.
4. Do you hate Cyber or what?
No way, we love the Cyber. CyberCafé, CyberBabes and CyberHunks, CyberSex, Cyberspace. Add more if needed, but don't use it as an excuse.
5. How can I help?
It's easy: just swear not to abuse the Cyber. Use it as you like, but only in a positive manner. And join our movement: post/tweet #ditchcyber, follow our Twitter account and add #RCX of #CCX to your Twitter name or in your LinkedIn profile.
6. What is your problem with cyber?
People abuse the Cyber as an excuse when they are hit by an attack on their ICT infrastructure, or a website or when they suffer from a data leakage. Organization are not attacked because of Cyber, but because of lacking information and IT security control.
7. Why do you want me to Ditchcyber?
A cyber attack is an attack. Cybercrime is a crime. Cybersecurity is security. You don; t need Cyber to make it stand out.
8. Your campaign is not very succesful, right?
Right and wrong. Little succes sofar, Cyber is abused all too often. But we have some good results. A Dutch public broadcasting company mentioned that they will try to no longer use the word Cyber.